Eken Grup


Studies in our lab focus on understanding the biology of three developmentally and functionally related group of immune cells, Th17, ILC3, and Treg cells, in homeostasis and autoimmune states. We utilize cell culture (of both human mouse cells) as well as mouse models of Multiple Sclerosis (EAE), Crohn’s and colitis.

We collaborate with neurologists to understand the impact of certain treatment modalities used in multiple sclerosis patients on ILCs and Th17 cells.

We are also interested in dissecting molecular and functional consequenses of mutations that cause primary immunodeficiencies (PID). In select PID patients, we characterize the impact of mutations via functional assays (proliferation, cytokine production etc.) We employ cell proliferation, apoptosis, ELISA, real time qPCR assays. We heavily collaborate with several physician scientists from Erciyes University Medical Faculty and Assoc.Prof. Mohamed Oukka from University of Washington.


Currently funded projects

2232-Yurda Donus BIDEB  2016-2018

3501-TUBITAK           2016-2019

1003-Tubitak              2017-2019

Erciyes University BAP


email: ahmeteken@erciyes.edu.tr


Ahmet Eken, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, 

Department of Medical Biology, School of Medicine
Betül-Ziya Eren Genome and Stem Cell Research Center
Erciyes University, Kayseri, TURKEY, 38039
Tel: +90-352-2076666 / ext.: 13671

Flow Cytomerty laboratory

Our experiments rely heavily on use of multicolor flow cytometry and cell sorting. GENKÖK has FACSAriaIII equipped with three lasers (488 blue, 633 red and 375 UV). This allows us to sort cells from amongst a population labeled with 10 colors at once.